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5_stars Verified Purchase

As a parent, our house is a constant in-and-out point for kids from school and the neighborhood. I owe it to all of them to make sure if there is a child that is sick he or she is easily idenitified. I use Fever Patrol to check the tempature of every arriving child and if they have a fever I walk them directly home. Thanks Fever Patrol for keeping my house safe!

Kimberly J.

5_stars Verified Purchase

During cold and flu season, the doctor’s office can get pretty busy. Who wants to wait around in a room full of sick people only to have the doctor say there’s nothing wrong? Before I take my child to see the doctor, I use Fever Patrol to get an accurate reading of her temperature. It works great!

Derek B.
San Francisco

5_stars Verified Purchase

I’m a new mom. I guess you could say I’m obsessed with temperatures now. Whether it’s the baby formula or the bath water, Fever Patrol takes the guesswork out of keeping my little guy comfortable and safe. Plus, it feels good not to have to see him struggle when I have to jam the thermometer down his throat.

Stephanie L

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question: How Does Preorder Work?

Preorder is designed to allow you to order in advance products that are coming to market that are in high demand, but not currently in stock. You will be billed deposit amounts based on the following four key events being initial order, emailing of TM and or Patent information, factory order confirmations and final shipping and tracking.

Question: How close do I have to be to use Fever Patrol?

Fever Patrol takes accurate no-touch readings within 5-15cm (2-6 inches) from the person or object. Simply pull the measurement trigger for an instant result.

Question: Can I get my x back if I change my mind?

Yes, absolutely, you are completely protected and can get your money back up until the device is shipped!

Question: How do I know if a fever is serious or not?

Fever Patrol uses a straightforward color-coding system on its LCD screen: green (normal body temperature), orange (mild fever), and red (medical treatment required). You can program the device to alert you to the predefined temperature of your choosing.

Question: Does Fever Patrol have adjustable settings?

Yes. You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, turn the buzzer on or off, switch between internal body temperature/external object temperature, and modify the alert system.

Question: How is Fever Patrol powered?

Fever Patrol requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). The device will automatically shut off after 20 seconds when not in use to save power.

Question: What is the range of temperature Fever Patrol can measure?

Fever Patrol has a working range between 0°C and 100°C (32°F - 212°F).

Question: What is the most effective area to take a body temperature reading from?

When using a non-contact infrared thermometer, people typically measure body temperature by aiming at the forehead or temple, which gives the most accurate readings.

Question: How much does each unit cost?

We give you a huge discount by placing a preorder and ordering quantities more than one. This is your cost and savings per units ordered:
If you order 1 unit the cost is x and your savings is x
If you order 2 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x
If you order 3 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x
If you order 4 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x

Question: Is shipping included?

The world is experiencing a major crisis that is causing shipping and delivery delays and increased and unkown costs. We do not include shipping in your pricing so that at the time your product is ready to ship the best available shipping will be used.